Established in 2014, Bluegrass Farm to Table is an initiative of the City of Lexington's Office of Economic Development. Bluegrass Farm to Table serves as a mechanism to increase coordination and collaboration among stakeholders at all levels of the local food system - from production to consumption. Bluegrass Farm to Table’s mission is to promote the development of a more vibrant local food economy by supporting food-related agricultural development. Specifically, Bluegrass Farm to Table:

  •    Facilitates coordination and collaboration among stakeholders of the local food economy.

o   Convenes the Bluegrass Farm to Table Advisory Committee.

o   Convenes farmers, processors, distributors, buyers, community organizations, and policy makers, as needed, to streamline communication, programs/activities, funding opportunities, and future planning efforts.

o   Maintains strategic partnerships—local, regional, and statewide.

  • Supports market development for local food products by connecting Kentucky farmers and local food producers with buyers (wholesale distributors, retailers, institutions, restaurants, etc.), with a particular emphasis on developing the supply and demand in the Lexington area and the Bluegrass Region.

  • Supports value chain development for Kentucky farm products by:

o   Supporting the development of regional aggregation, distribution, and processing infrastructure for local food products.

o   Supporting educational efforts to promote local food purchasing among consumers, chefs, distributors, and other food purchasers.

o   Encouraging education about the benefits of local food production and consumption.

  • Supports a more equitable distribution of local food sales across the community.

  • Supports farmers’ markets throughout Lexington and the region.







Bluegrass Farm to Table has an Advisory Committee comprised of diverse community stakeholders that meet on a monthly basis. The Advisory Committee has established two working groups, Infrastructure & Capacity Building and Consumer Outreach & Education.