AgZinger Farms
AgZinger is a multi-farm CSA system of sustainable farms and farming projects throughout Kentucky with AgZinger Farms of Bowling Green producing 98 percent of the wares.  Located in Northern Warren County Kentucky, AgZinger has offered a CSA program for 13 years. In addition to nutritious fruits and vegetables, we offer Pastured-Poultry pieces. 

  • Season: Summer; weekly drop-offs; 25 plus weeks (May-November)

  • Share options: Customizable $30 unlimited produce packages; Options to buy Pastured Poultry for an additional cost of $3.50 per pound (8-way chicken).

  • Pick-Up Drop-Off Locations: Delivered to each subscribers home; other locations to be scheduled for pick-up TBD

  • How and when to sign up: Send subscription payments to the P.O. Box in Kentucky listed on our CSA Flyer and/or text us at 270-392-1399 for more payment options.

Barbour Farms
Barbour’s Farm LLC is a small family farm entering their 15th vegetable growing season. Our family farm is located in Canmer, KY. We grow using sustainable agriculture techniques. We also offer a variety of farm raised pasture no-hormone added; antibiotic and steroid free meats and eggs.  Our 2019 weekly Box Shares sign up has just started. Our operation deliveries are straight to your doorstep, our plans are simple the way it should be. We have our prices so that it’s affordable for everyone. We would love to be your 2019 source of providing health, nutritional, and tasteful food to your table. 

  • Share Options:

    • Vegetable share options: 10 weeks $35.00 per week with delivery to your door included. Resign-up every 10 weeks.

    • Meat bundle options: $30.00/week bundle 3-4 meat packages. Meat lovers options: $55.00/week bundle 6-7 meat packages.

    • Weekly add-ons: eggs $4.00/dozen.

    • Breakfast platters: Simply Breakfast—1 dozen eggs and 2lbs roll sausage per week ($11.00). Angie’s Deluxe: 2 dozen eggs, 2lbs roll sausage, and 2lbs bacon per week ($30.00), Lexie and Alyssa’s Daily Morning Smile: 2 dozen eggs, 2lbs roll sausage, 2lbs bacon, sliced shoulder, and honey per week ($44.00)

  • Pick-Up Drop-Off Locations: Delivery is to your door. Pick-up on our farm can be arranged as well. Delivery is included in plans. Eggs can only be added to orders. Delivery is right to your doorstep unless you tell us otherwise.  Lexington, Louisville, Radcliff, Fort Knox, Elizabethtown, Munfordville, Bowling Green, Nashville, and Counties in these areas. 

  • How/When to sign up: Only pay your first week deliver today of $35.00 plus $10.00 deposit that secures your spot for 10 weeks. Sign-ups start today and end April 1st 2019.   You can also call or text 270-777-5881 or email or for more info or questions. Memberships are available until capacity has been reached. 

Elmwood Stock Farm
Elmwood Stock Farm is a USDA Certified Organic farm located just north of Lexington in Scott County, and is committed to production of superior, high-quality, wholesome farm products. Elmwood’s long-running CSA program offers 3 share sizes, add-on shares of eggs, meats, and pantry items, and all items are grown at the farm and USDA Certified Organic.

CUSTOMIZE your share each week no matter where you pick up. Visit the online store to change out items in your share before it is packed each week, or pickup at the farm where you choose your own items from everything in season each week. Cancel your share when you are on vacation, and add extras later on instead.

  • Season: Summer Season 21 weeks (May through September); Fall Season distributions every 2 weeks (October - December); Winter Season distributions every 2 weeks (January - March)

  • Share options:

    • Mini Share ($20 per week/ $440 season total) is designed to feed single adults or couples who eat out often. 

    • Regular Share ($30 per week/$650 season total) is designed to feed two adults or a small household most of their weekly vegetable needs.  

    • Robust Share ($40 per week/ $880 total) is designed to feed a larger family or vegetarian couple most of their weekly vegetable needs.

    • Customized Meat Share: Choose your own meats (grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, chicken and turkey) each week to be delivered along with your Vegetables. Egg Share and Pantry Share also available

  • Pickup/ Drop-Off Locations: several neighborhood locations in Lexington including West 6th, along with Bell Ct, Penmoken Pk, Good Foods Co-op, Liquor Barn Stores, Lexington Seafood Co, YMCA High St, Lexmark, and The Weekly Juicery. Several workplace partners, Frankfort, Louisville, Georgetown and Home Delivery options also offered.

  • How/when to sign up: on the website at or give them a call with questions at 859-621-0755.

Greenhouse 17
We are an advocacy agency for survivors of domestic violence and we believe that nature, beauty, movement, and the creative process are important healing tools for survivors of trauma.  We hire women living in our emergency shelter to work on our onsite farm, growing chemical free produce for our emergency shelter along with seasonal herbs and cut flowers to share with our community.

  • Season: 16, 8, or 4 weeks, June thru September

  • Pick up/drop off locations:  Two locations in downtown Lexington and one in Hamburg.

  • Share options:  Full share- 16 weeks, half 8 weeks, 4-week share available

  • How/when to sign up: Call 859-233-0657 Ext. 1960 or visit

Hickory Grove Farm
Hickory Grove Farm is a historic family farm located in Shelby County Kentucky.  We will be USDA Organically Certified this spring prior to the beginning of the season.  We grow a wide variety of produce and use season extension methods to offer the largest variety of vegetables for the longest amount of time.  We have weekly pick up and for a small fee our boxes can delivered conveniently to your doorstep making eating locally easy.  Also, we have add-ons such as farm fresh eggs and pasture raised meats.  Let us supply all your weekly food needs locally! 

  • Seasons: We offer a full season of 20 weeks and a shorter summer intensive season of 16 weeks.  (May through October)

  • Share Options:

    • Whole Share - 7-10 vegetables a week.  Recommended for a normal family of four or two vegetable lovers.

      • 20 Week Plan - $580

      • 16 Week Plan - $464

    • Half Share - 4-6 vegetables a week.  Recommended for two adults.

      • 20 Week Plan - $360

      • 16 Week Plan - $288

    • Per dz. Pasture Eggs (add on)

      • 20 Week Plan - $80

      • 16 Week Plan - $64

    • Per Pasture Chicken (add on)

      • 20 Week Plan - $400

      • 16 Week Plan - $320

    • Delivery (add on)

      • 20 Week Plan - $60

      • 16 Week Plan - $48

  • Add-ons: We also offer adding on our whole pasture chickens and eggs by the dozen every week as well at a discount. We also have pasture raised turkeys available in the fall and winter and pasture raised Berkshire hogs year round.  

  • Pick-up/delivery options: Lexington customers can pick up their shares on Saturday or Sunday at the Lexington Farmers Market.  Louisville and all other pickups are still being finalized.  There is also a home delivery option.

  • How/When to sign up: Call (502) 330-3443 or email

Lazy Eight Stock Farm
Lazy Eight Stock Farm is a 420-acre Certified Organic family farm located on the banks of the Paint Lick creek in Madison and Garrard County. They give it their all to grow a variety of organic produce for CSA members - the lifeblood their farm. Weekly shares are customizable to insure customers receive the produce they enjoy.

  • CSA Season: 20 week main season, May-September

  • Share Options: Small - $22/week, Regular - $29/week. Ask us about flexible payment options. CSA FARM EVENTS – In addition to normal deliveries, all shareholders are encouraged to attend on-farm seasonal events! Shares will include the option to come out to the farm, get your hands dirty, and take home more of the harvest. Depending on the season, shareholders can harvest additional strawberries, canning tomatoes, sweet pesto basil, and fall pumpkins.

  • Pick-up/delivery options:

  • How/when to sign up: Sign up here:

North Farm
North Farm is a small, urban fruit and vegetable farm located on North Limestone in the NoLi section of Lexington, Ky. Started by Andrew Russell English, a long-time Lexington resident, farmer, musician and electrician, the farm is an effort to make good use of good land for the purposes of growing good food for the people in the neighborhood and community in which it is located.

  • Share options: We offer two weekly shares — small and large — that each last 20 weeks and start in May. Recipes and meal suggestions are also included each week. A small share is roughly half a bushel and is sufficient for a couple. A large share is a bushel and will supply enough produce for a family of five. Small shares are $400. Large shares are $600.

  • Pick up/delivery options: We deliver shares to shareholders' homes. Home delivery is restricted to inside New Circle Road, although we will make exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis.

  • How/when to sign up: Folks can sign up for a CSA share in person or on our website at North Farm accepts checks, cash and credit card payments, and we can also work out payment plans with CSA shareholders who are unable to pay the full amount up front.  We also offer the opportunity for our better-resourced neighbors to pay more in order to cover shares for those with fewer resources.

Rootbound Farm
Rootbound Farm is a family-run certified organic farm in Oldham County, KY.  Our CSA members receive a wide variety of items throughout the season - everything from arugula to zucchini! Our members have the option to customize their shares ever week. We work with a simple online system where you can view the week’s availability and tinker with your box to meet your needs. Out with the kale and double the potatoes? No problem! In addition to the seasonal favorites, we also grow many specialty items including cauliflower, herbs, broccoli, and radicchio and provide a weekly newsletter with lots of storage tips and recipe recommendations. We believe being a CSA member should be fun and rewarding and we enjoy having our members out to the farm for several events throughout the season.

  • Season: Summer Season 22 weeks (June through October) Fall Season: details TBD

  • Share options:

    • Small Share ($21 per week/ $462 season total) is designed to feed single adults or households of 2-3 who are cooking a few times a week.  

    • Full Share ($29 per week/$649 season total) is designed to meet all the veggies needs of a family of 2-4 people, or 2 adults if they are vegetarians and cook often with fresh vegetables.  

      *Organic grass-fed lamb is also available as an additional item

  • Pickup/ Drop-Off Locations: Lexington: Thursday afternoons Centered Yoga Studio on N. Ashland Ave. and Southland Drive. Several pickup options in Frankfort and Louisville.

  • How/when to sign up: More info on the website at You can also sign up over the phone at 859-433-2563

Simple Suppers CSA
Butler Farms and Triple S Farm, both in Paris, KY, are joining together to create a simple CSA box for the busy family. Our mission is to help families who want to support local farmers a few nights a week but also have busy lifestyles. Butler Farms is one of the largest pasture-raised chicken farmers in the state of Kentucky. They provide their chicken as well as their delicious heritage pork to multiple restaurants and schools across central Kentucky. Their animals are rotationally grazed on USDA certified organic pasture. Triple S Farm grows a variety of fresh vegetables and gorgeous flowers on their transitioning organic farm. You will find them and their beautiful bounty at the weekly Bluegrass Farmers’ Market.

  • Season: May 2nd – September 26th, 22 weeks

  • Share options: $50/week. Each box will include 3-4lbs of pastured meat and simple, organically grown vegetables to make fresh salads and side dishes. They will also include aromatic herbs for various dressings. New recipes will be included each week to please even the pickiest of eaters. Flower bouquets may also be purchased for an additional $10/week.

  • Pickup/Drop-Off Locations: Beaumont Centre Liquor Barn on Mondays 9-10am OR Hamburg Liquor Barn on Thursdays 5-6pm.

  • How/when to sign up: Website – or call (859) 420-9527

SlakMarket Farm
Revitalizing Raw Milk, Pasture-Raised Halal Meat, & Eggs ~
We provide you with nourishing food that gives you the ability to take charge of your diet and heal your gut! Thus strengthening the immune system. Give your children what they need to thrive, and bring your whole body into a complete balance. Use our protein rich products to create everything from breakfast to dinner and anything in between.

Slakmarket Farm Products: Nourishing Raw Milk, Fresh Pastured Eggs, Superfood Yogurt, Heavenly Whipping Cream, Probiotic Kefir, Tasty Butter, Farmers Cheese, Middle Eastern Labneh, Delicious Broiler Chicken, Savory Lamb or Goat Meat, Nutrient Dense Bones for Broth, Chicken Feet and so much more.

  • Cooking courses & classes for making cheese and butter are available.

  • Come experience milking a cow during our cheese class!

We don’t sell Raw Milk We Teach It! SlakMarket Farm uses holistic organic methods, halal practices, and sustainable management to humanely raise and handle the end of life care for our animals. (We believe these animals have God-given rights concerning their care and welfare at every step and stage of their lives.)  Our intention is to provide the farm herd with a high quality of life, as well as provide a superior product to our herd share owners.  Our animals are raised cleanly on grass pasture and given hay in the barn during the winter months. They are given a small ration of (soy free, corn free) *Certified Organic Grass Seed grains only at milking time to ensure they are receiving their minerals, along with home grown fodder.

 In short, you are purchasing a 1-year Herd Share contract for $5.00, to participate in the “OWNERSHIP” of a portion of the herds available on the farm. With this you gain access to a herd of farm animals and the nutritious meat and dairy products produced from them. Once you become an owner, you then choose a Share Boarding Plan that best fits your needs. (2 options range from $43 to $86 per month) Each month you pay the monthly boarding fee for the share plan and in return you get to enjoy the nutritious nutrient dense milk, dairy, and meats every week for your monthly support.  This is a month to month based share plan. You can quit at any time.

Ready to join the community of people drinking life changing raw milk in Lexington?

Sunrise Bakery and Rosemont Bakehouse CSA 
Sunrise Bakery is located on Main Street in downtown Lexington, we offer pastries, coffee, Italian sandwiches, and fresh breads every week. This year we're offering a CSA with Rosemont Bakehouse, where you can pre-order your bread and pastries for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery to either Good Foods Co-op, West Sixth Brewing, or Sunrise Bakery for pick-up on either Tuesday or Thursday (depending on your pick-up location). All our breads and pastries are handmade the day of delivery, just hours before your pick-up. 

As part of the CSA, we offer our sourdough, French boule, mega-grain, whole wheat (Kentucky Proud), brioche, rosemary focaccia, as well as yeast rolls by the dozen, bagels by the half-dozen, pizza dough balls, vegan and gluten free date cake, and chocolate chip cookies by the dozen. As a member of the CSA you will also have the opportunity to purchase optional add-on items throughout the season to be baked fresh and delivered with your regular CSA order. 

  • Season:  Feb. 19 - May 7, 2019 (join at any time for a pro-rated price!) - 12 total weeks per season.

  • Share options: Choose any of our breads/pastries listed above for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery. You can also choose the Sampler, where you will receive one of each listed above over the course of the CSA season (must choose weekly delivery). 

  • Pick-Up Drop-Off Locations:  West Sixth Brewing, Good Foods Co-Op, and Sunrise Bakery

Sustainable Harvest Farm
Now offering CUSTOMIZABLE farm shares! The traditional farm share model has always been for the farm to give you a box of whatever was grown that week, regardless of a member’s likes and dislikes. The new customizable approach allows CSA members to make their own choices about what they want to eat based on their preferences and what the farm has in season. If you don’t like beets, you won’t ever see them. If you love zucchini, we’ll make sure you get that!

  • Season: Summer Season 22 weeks (May through September); Fall-Winter Season- Monthly Deliveries October- March

  • Share options:

    • Small Share ($22 per week/ $484 season total) is designed to feed single adults or couples who eat out often. 

    • Regular Share ($27.00 per week 594 total) is designed to feed two 2 adults or a small household most of their weekly vegetable needs.

    • Robust Share ($34 per week/ $748 total) is designed to feed a larger family or vegetarian couple most of their weekly vegetable needs.

  • How/when to sign up:

Teal Tractor CSA
Walnut Lawn Farm is a 6th generation family owned and operated farm located in Fayette County and serves as the home of Teal Tractor CSA. Our CSA members enjoy bountiful varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs as they come into season. We are proud to partner with Weisenberger Mill and Clark Family Farm to offer mixes, eggs and chicken in addition to our shares.

  • Season: begin in late May/early June and runs through October for 20 weeks.

  • Share Options: We have produce, egg and chicken shares available.

    • Full and Half Produce Shares are available between $28/week and $18/week. The chicken and egg shares are priced separately as an add-on to either share option.

    • Our Full Share option is a weekly box that is designed to feed a family of two to four people. It includes a variety of 6-12 items. Our Half Share option is a weekly box that is designed to feed 1-2 people with similar variety of items.

  • Pickup/Drop-off Locations: Locations are tentative and subject to change prior to the current season based on the interest of shareholders. We will try to have locations on the North and South side of town. Currently we have pickup locations on our farm, Beaumont YMCA, CrossFit 859, and Home Delivery.

  • How/When to sign up: We have sign ups open on our website which will remain open until June.

Triple J Farm
We are a multigenerational farm in Scott County. This will be our 10-year anniversary with our CSA program, but we have been selling direct to customers for 16 years at local markets. Our goal is to provide a variety of fresh, quality produce throughout the season to our CSA Members, for them to enjoy with family and friends as they make their shares into delicious meals. Our CSA Shares are now customizable! You will have the opportunity to view what’s coming in the shares each week, add or remove items as you wish. The great thing about customizing you shares is that you never have to take home items you know your family won’t eat, the CSA will truly fit individuals needs this way. Members receive a weekly newsletter with their share with tips & Recipes that go along with the produce for that week! In addition to the produce shares, we offer egg shares from our free-range hens.

  • Season: our season is 18 weeks, starting mid to late May weather depending and going through mid-late September.

  • Share options:

    • We offer 2 Share sizes. Our Half Share (most popular) feeds 2-4 and cost $360.00 for the season.

    • Our Full share feeds 4-6 and cost $640.00 for the season (some will split this share).

    • Egg shares are additional, we offer ½ dozen eggs each week costing $40.00 for the season or 1 dozen eggs for $70.00 for the season.

  • Pickup/ Drop-Off Locations: We offer pick-ups at any Farmer’s markets that we attend. We do deliver to many Lexington businesses and some neighborhoods that have a host house. Ask us to see if your business is already on delivery route; we are open to adding new deliveries as well. We offer delivery to any workplace or groups that have at least 6 subscriptions to our CSA. Please contact or ask us about other options.

  • How/when to sign up: Please visit our website for more info about our farm, CSA program sign ups, delivery locations, or to sign up visit . We are now accepting sign-ups for this season. You can reach Jessica through email at or phone at 502-316-4474 for any questions.


Opportunities to connect with local food and farming from our friends at West Sixth

West Sixth Private Farm Events
Celebrate your private event amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky in the heart of horse, bourbon, and BEER country! The West Sixth Farm is a working farm where we grow our own hops, apples, peaches, nuts, berries, and even raise cattle, chickens, and honeybees! The Farm will offer a wide selection of house-made beers and exceptional customer service - all with the perfect bluegrass backdrop and easy access to downtown Frankfort, hotels, and the interstate. For more information contact

West Sixth Farm Taproom and Farm Store
West Sixth Farm is 120 acres in Franklin County located just 8 minutes from downtown Frankfort, and 35 minutes from Lexington.  At the farm we will grow ingredients for our beers, host events, create estate ales, and invite people to experience the farm extension of our urban brewery. Enjoy a beer in our new taproom and farm store, or picnic among the hops vines and look out over the rolling hills for a truly unique Kentucky experience.