Every time you eat and drink, you either nurture your body or you hurt it. End of story. Research shows that good nutrition can play a large role in the prevention of some diseases.

In addition, healthy eating habits have a positive impact on your mood, energy level, performance and overall health.

The internet links on this page will provide you with the information you need to learn about the connection between good food and good health. The listing of local resources offers you direct help in learning how you can eat healthy - give it a try!


Good Foods Co-op - Nutrition Missions
Contact - Beth Loiselle
455 Southland Dr # D Lexington, KY 40503 

Lexington-Fayette County Health Department
Contact - Nancy Hiner
805A Newtown Circle
Lexington, KY 40511 


The Wholesome Chef
Contact - Carolyn Gilles 


Healthy Weight

Diabetes Basics

Quick Guide to Healthy Eating

Eating While Pregnant

Cancer Information

Healthy Eating for Kids

Guide for Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy Eating for Elderly

Nutrition Tips for Elderly

Eating Right When Pregnant

Pregnancy Nutrition

Eating to Lose Weight

Foods for Fitness